Zona Maco’s 20th Anniversary

Acknowledged for its commitment to Latin American art, the Zona Maco fair in Mexico presents a diverse selection this year, featuring works from 212 exhibitors. The fair includes lesser-known galleries exhibiting up-and-coming artists from the area, along with well-established artists and prominent galleries such as OMR and Pace Gallery.

Zona Maco 2024 presents a wide range of talks, including presentations by both local and international speakers, special editorial publications, and several concurrent events throughout Mexico City to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the organization.

One of the fair’s defining features has been its ability to empower curators to organize specific sections, a practice that was uncommon in the early 2000s. Curators such as Adriano Pedrosa, Pablo León de la Barra, and Patrick Charpenel have significantly contributed to this approach.

The Ejes section, curated by Bernardo Mosqueria from the Institute for Studies in Latin American Art, is one of the most anticipated exhibitions, showcasing artists whose work addresses gender disobedience and unconventional forms of cohabiting.

The Sur Section, curated by Luizia Teixeria de Freitas, focuses on generosity and care. An additional component is FORMA, a unique program showcasing site-specific installations from galleries with the most extensive history at the fair.

Another interactive feature of this year allows users to select their favorites from a collection of twenty, with an award of $100,000 to be divided between the winning artist and gallery.

The works on display are noteworthy. Some of the highlights include Romeo Gómez López at Galeríe Éric Mouchet in the Ejes section with his Tongue-in-Cheek solo presentation, Cisco Merel at Galería Alfredo Ginocchio displaying vernacular architecture of the Panamanian countryside, and Cynthia Gutiérrez at Galería La Caja Negra presenting two sculptures paying homage to the contributions of Indigenous people to artistic production.

The fair also features artists beyond Latin American origins, such as Karina Aguilera Skvirsky at Galería RGR, showcasing collages that combine colored alpaca fibers, artist body parts, and exquisitely photographed stones.

Founded by Zélika García in 2004, Zonamaco is hosted at the Centro Citibanamex in Mexico City. Zonamaco Design showcases limited editions, furniture, jewelry, textiles, and decorative items. Zonamaco Salón del Anticuario features antiques, while Zonamaco Foto showcases vintage, modern, and contemporary photography.


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