Displaying Your
Digital Artworks & NFTs

It is a great idea to exhibit your digital artworks and live with them. Here are ways to help you visualize your collection.

Digital Frames & Canvases

Monitors and TVs have been in use for a long time primarily to display video art. Especially after the meteoric rise of the NFTs, digital frames and canvases have also become potential options to exhibit digital art with added functionality. They come in different shapes and sizes, provide the ability to connect your crypto wallet to access all of your NFTs, give the optionality to match the backlighting with the colors and lighting in the room, and display your files through other related apps.

iPads & Tablets

Another common display type to exhibit digital artworks is an iPad/tablet. This can especially make sense if you plan on repurposing your old gadget. One thing to keep in mind is that you will have to plug your device to an energy source frequently if you plan on showing the artwork at all times.


You can also project your digital artwork on your walls. One downside of using a projector is that it requires darkness to make full impact. However, it is equally important to bear in mind that projected imagery can be striking and immersive.

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Printing an NFT

Another display option is to print your work and convert it from digital into a physical object. If you are dealing with a motion picture, it is possible to pick a still and print it. However, stills may have an inferior resolution.

Printing is rather a less expensive way to display some NFT artworks as opposed to digital frames. Some NFT artworks may not be suitable to be displayed like a traditional artwork, because works are usually embedded with encrypted information.

Head to Metaverse

Perhaps you have been invited to an exhibition or heard people gallery hopping in the metaverse. If not, now you know that there are stunning exhibitions in the virtual world. When you get an NFT artwork, the metaverse can be an interesting destination to exhibit your artworks with impressive museum settings.

Virtual galleries frequently organize exhibitions and events that provide collectors the opportunity to display their acquisitions as well as meet other similar-minded collectors, curators, and creators.

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