Over the last decade, plenty of new art platforms have used phrases like “democratizing the art world” and “making the art world more accessible.”


But not much has changed.

Art lovers and collectors are still having a hard time finding great art at fair prices. And when they do, it usually is at the expense of the artists.

Online art shopping often ends up on mass platforms where a huge amount of work is presented with no sense of curation and no guiding principles.

These platforms make it almost impossible for artists to break through. Other online spaces, like social media, present far too much content to reliably connect to new viewers. Artists need a partner who will present their work with respect and understanding on a platform that allows visitors to focus.


Zarastro Art brings together these art lovers and collectors with these artists — creating a platform where contemporary art can thrive.

The Meaning of Zarastro

Mozart’s The Magic Flute was written two months before his death. In the opera, Sarastro is a high priest of the Temple of the Sun. He shows the way to truth, wisdom, and happiness.

Our platform strives to integrate contemporary art into the lives of people, bringing them new ways of seeing the world and new insights into what it means to be human.


To discover, curate, and virtually exhibit exceptional physical and digital works by contemporary artists from around the world.


To make contemporary art approachable through unique experiences that inspire new ways of thinking and creating.

Who We Are


Previous Experience: Investment Banking
Education: Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, Brown University


Previous Experience: Interior Architecture, Visual Merchandising
Education: Rhode Island School of Design, Fashion Institute of Technology

What We Offer

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Art Advisory

We can help you find and acquire the right piece based on your needs, space, and personal style.

Trade & Institutional Clients

We provide comprehensive services for companies and institutions, helping our clients meet budget and overall design concept goals.

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