Summer Art Escapades

In London, a diverse selection of exhibitions awaits, featuring dark and poignant paintings by Shailee Mehta, evoking figures and lone street dogs found on the streets of India, and transformative artworks by renowned artists like Anselm Kiefer and Joseph Beuys, who push the boundaries of artistic creation through innovative material experimentation.

New York City offers a plethora of captivating group shows, where artists explore concepts such as gender identity, the definition of beauty, spirituality, and the evolving human body in the era of technology.

In Upstate NY, over 130 art venues open their doors for the fourth annual Upstate Art Weekend, featuring exhibitions, performances, and hands-on activities for both adults and children.

In London, viewers have the chance to explore the rich variety of artistic expression in Shailee Mehta’s dark and emotive paintings, capturing figures and lone street dogs reminiscent of the streets of India, alongside Jane Hayes Greenwood’s evocative paintings of feminine vessels and plants, hosted by Castor and Indigo+Madder.

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac presents Alchemy, an exhibition by art’s heavyweights, including Anselm Kiefer and Joseph Beuys, where materials are transformed within the artworks, pushing the boundaries of artistic creation.

Unit 1 Gallery offers Take my hand, an exploration of hands as a starting point for a captivating collection of works by emerging artists, reflecting on themes of intimacy and historical context.

In New York City, the art world is abuzz with a series of captivating group shows. Title IX at The Hole takes on intersectionality within gender identity and sports, featuring cutting-edge contemporary artists exploring athleticism with a political bent.

Ugly Painting at Nahmad Contemporary challenges society’s notion of beauty through captivating works by various artists.

Shrines at Silverlens takes visitors on a spiritual journey through earth-toned works by Filipino artists seeking materialization of the spiritual and identity.

At Theta, NYC, Either harmony or life in oblong offers abstract sculptural reflections on living with nature and passion.

Heading to Upstate, the fourth annual Upstate Art Weekend features over 130 art venues offering a diverse array of exhibitions, performances, and experiences.

At Magazzino Italian Art, visitors can immerse themselves in contemporary Italian art, while Dia Beacon presents a family tour engaging children in hands-on activities. The weekend includes outdoor yoga and meditation, as well as the innovative circus troupe Cirk La Putyka at PS21.

Foreland in Catskill partners with NADA for a sprawling art exhibition showcasing works by over 60 artists, while the Thomas Cole National Historic Site sheds light on 19th-century women artists and contemporary reimaginations of landscape painting.

Featured Image: Installation view from Title IX at The Hole (Tribeca NYC). Source: The Hole


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