Imogen Marsteller I Have Nothing to Wear (2022)Ink stamp, store tags, oil sticks…

(h) 90 x (w) 90 x (d) 3.8 cm


Artwork Description

Ink stamp, store tags, oil sticks and oil paint on canvas mounted on board

Size: (h) 90 x (w) 90 x (d) 3.8 cm

Inspired by a prompt for a show commemorating the closure of the Peacocks clothing store, Marsteller visited the now-abandoned shop. Amidst the remnants, she discovered a vast pile of old bright green clothing tags, which now form the preserved background of the painting. The artwork evokes the familiar feeling of having a closet full of clothes while still experiencing the sensation of having nothing to wear, a sentiment with which the artist resonates.

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