Abi Ola Elongated Body of a Woman (2023) Oil, fabrics, plasticine, and natural indigo on fabric


Artwork Description

Size: 30 x 42 cm

An enigmatic, extraterrestrial-like form stands amidst a backdrop unfurling in a captivating natural indigo tie-dye motif. Adorned with plasticine cones meticulously arranged along the periphery, the deliberate truncation of the figure’s head compels contemplation of the textile’s origins.

The indigo hue evokes the venerable “Adire” technique, emblematic of Nigeria’s rich textile tradition. In stark contrast, the figure’s attire incorporates fabrics representative of the pervasive fast fashion industry, readily accessible everywhere. This deliberate disjunction prompts reflection on the arduous craftsmanship intrinsic to traditional textiles.


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