Murat Kunt

Murat Kunt specializes in capturing ephemeral liquid sculptures, each a few centimeters in size and lasting only a microsecond—a fleeting moment visible through the lens of ultra-fast flashes.

The Hatted Lady (2020)
Photoluster Print (Framed)
Edition 1/5
80 x 119 cm

Murat Kunt, a distinguished Swiss scientist in the field of digital signal processing, melds macrophotography with liquid art techniques to delve into the captivating realm of aqueous movement.

Kunt believes that science is a collection of knowledge gathered to understand nature. Thus, he merges art and science to uncover layers of the invisible and capture ephemeral moments of fluid mechanics to create narratives reflecting life.

Murat Kunt is a pioneering figure in his field. After assuming the role of professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in 1980, he led the Signal Processing Laboratory until his retirement. Kunt authored over 240 publications, 15 books, and holds 16 patents. Throughout his career, he received numerous accolades, including an Honorary Doctorate from the Université Catholique de Louvain.

After dedicating 35 years to science and education, Kunt transformed his garage into a photography lab where he now focuses on his liquid-based motion photography practice.

The capture of unique, unrepeatable moments demand both patience and ingenuity. Critical factors such as viscosity, lighting, surface tension, and the exact timing of shots are meticulously considered. Kunt skillfully crafts images that encapsulate the fusion of physics, technological mastery, and an artist’s touch.

“I find the mechanism of a drop similar to the relational bonds of a network among humans. I celebrate such valuable connections every time I capture the invisible intricate dance of the aqueous motion.”

– Murat Kunt

“‘Water is beautiful’ has been my slogan since 1978. But never, never did I imagine that water could be so beautiful. Magnificent!”

– Jacques Dubochet, 2017 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry


  • Murat Kunt Broken and Melting Vase II (2019) Photoluster Print (Framed)

    Edition 1/5

  • Murat Kunt Flying Ring (2021) Photoluster Print (Framed)

    Edition 1/5

  • Murat Kunt Heavy Smokers (2019) Photoluster Print (Framed)

    Edition 1/5

  • Murat Kunt Honey (2019) Photoluster Print (Framed)

    Edition 1/5

  • Murat Kunt The Hatted Lady (2020) Photoluster Print (Framed)

    Edition 1/5

  • Murat Kunt The Lost Dwarf (2019) Photoluster Print (Framed)

    Edition 1/5


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