Mercedes Balle’s art, inspired by the sublime, explores the intricate relationship between humans and the natural world, particularly within the urban landscape of London.

Born and raised in Mallorca, Balle is currently living in London while pursuing her MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. She graduated from the Art Academy London in 2020, where she tutors.

Balle exhibited at The Koppel Project Station (London), The Blake Gallery (Gravesend), Studio Weil, and Casal Solleric (Mallorca), among others. She was a finalist at Art Jove 2020 and at 12 Voices at Studio Weil in 2021. In July 2024, she will be having her first solo exhibition at The Stone Space (London).

As a mixed-media artist, Mercedes Balle uses construction materials, which she views as symbols of the disconnection between nature and humanity, to create art that questions the relationship between the economy and the environment.

Balle also examines the passage of time and the obsolescence of once-useful items, contrasting the temporalities of living beings with the constructed material world around us. Through the integration of biodegradable materials, the artist not only extends the circle of life, but also underscores her commitment to sustainability.

“Arriving in London from Mallorca, I felt enclosed by the buildings, which inspired me to explore the skies as a connection to nature.”

 “My art evolved from traditional painting to incorporating construction materials, reflecting a shift in my priorities towards sustainability.”

“Dance and movement are primal forms of expression that I love to explore in my projects, capturing the wildness and freedom of human creativity.”

“I strive to paint without paint, using the inherent qualities of materials like scaffolding netting and mud to create visual experiences.”

  • Mercedes Balle Walks (2023) Etching on paper

    (h) 60 x (w) 60 cm

  • Mercedes Balle Clift (2023)Charcoal on paper

    (h) 80 x (w) 70 cm

  • Mercedes Balle Clouds (2019)Oil on unprimed canvas

    (h) 77 x (w) 51 cm

  • Mercedes Balle Landscape (2018)Oil on board

    (h) 35 x (w) 35 cm

  • Mercedes Balle London Skies (2019)Ink on silk

    (h) 120 x (w) 79 cm

  • Mercedes Balle Soils (2018)Oil on canvas

    (h) 30 x (w) 35 cm

  • Mercedes Balle Sunny Winter Day (2019)Oil on canvas

    (h) 182 x (w) 130 cm

  • Mercedes Balle Thames Banks – MMXXII (2022)Algae and mud on jute

    (h) 90 x (w) 70 cm

  • Mercedes Balle We, Dancers (2019)Charcoal on paper

    (h) 80 x (w) 70 cm


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