London’s Soul

Florian Krewer Flamboyant (2020). Courtesy of JW Anderson

Curated by designer Jonathan Anderson, On Foot is a celebration of London’s vibrant spirit and rich artistic heritage. It offers a captivating exploration of the city’s aesthetic and cultural fabric, seamlessly blending modern and contemporary British art and ceramics.

Visitors are taken on a tour of the city as part of the show, reflecting the variety of experiences found. Anderson highlights works by renowned artists like David Hockney, Lucian Freud, and Frank Auerbach with his own unconventional designs, offering a refreshing and often humorous perspective on urban life.

Anderson’s personal connection to London is evident as he seeks to rekindle his love for the city after the challenges of Brexit and frequent travels to Paris. He embraces both the refined influence of fine art and the grittier, more unseemly aspects of the city’s culture, emphasizing the importance of the mundane in fostering creativity.

The exhibition culminates in a pub-themed space, emphasizing the significance of these social hubs in British culture and their role as venues for debate and discussion. Anderson brings together artists from various backgrounds, showcasing the diversity of Britain and highlighting the importance of open dialogue. In this vein, the show also celebrates history of immigration and its role as a melting pot of creativity.

The exhibition, hosted at the Offer Waterman gallery, will be open to the public through October 28, 2023, providing a unique chance to enter the core of London’s artistic essence.

Featured Image: Florian Krewer Flamboyant (2020), Courtesy of JW Anderson


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