Kübra Cenk Uslu (Digimom)

The Many Faces of Transcension

Lost in the labyrinthian realms of Kübra Cenk Uslu, viewers are both intrigued and astonished by a vibrant palette full of enveloping patterns, fields of color, and the subtle emergence of figures.

Her work comes to life at the intersection of psychedelia and Art Nouveau. Bright colors and mutating forms are met with the elegance of classic ornate patterns and architecture but with a contemporary twist that resonates with viewers today.

Meet Kübra Cenk Uslu

As an artist, I love the concept of an NFT. It adapts contemporary art to the digital world and makes it truly accessible.

Kübra Cenk Uslu

This series of NFT works explores the ebbs and flows of the connection between humans and the natural world. Through a kaleidoscopic lens, The Many Faces of Transcension combines three distinctive journeys into a singular cohesive vision. Works full of antiquated allusions and futuristic displays ask us to expand our understanding of the universe and our role within it.

In unison, this collection of work instigates a dissolution of our sense of ego, setting us forth on journeys of inward revelations as well as discoveries of our collective psychology. As we examine the intricacies Uslu incorporates, witnessing as individual parts come together in new forms, a revitalized sense of our reality simultaneously takes shape before our eyes. We begin to perceive the world, and our existence in it, in new and expansive ways.

Submersed captures our attention as two orbs appear to be filling with liquid. They are portholes, or maybe eyes, drifting downward until fully submerged within the water. The elaborate world that surrounds them bubbles to the surface as rippling patterns blossom and droplets pierce the cool tones of the background.
0.5 ETH
Gleamed is a jarring combination of sharp angular blocks alongside warm neonic colors. Almost robotic in nature, anthropomorphized apes and mask-like faces surface from the amalgamation of shapes and patterns. Peering into an unknown future we are left questioning: Is this a premonition of what is to come?
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Flourished slips into the metaphysical, drawing on the symbols of the esoteric. All-seeing eyes imprinted on palms, solar imagery, and a bearded seer in piercing red glasses draw on a plethora of visual metaphors for spirituality. As foliage thrives beneath the rays evolving into an all-consuming jungle, we take an internal look at how we engage with the universe at large.
0.5 ETH

Having read about the turning points in art history from books, I consider myself lucky to be able to personally witness a digital revolution that will take center stage in the history of art.

Kübra Cenk Uslu

About Kübra Cenk Uslu

Born in 1992, Kübra Cenk Uslu received a fine arts degree in Graphic Design with a full talent-based scholarship. During her studies, Uslu explored different fields such as theatre, illustration, ceramics, glass, and architecture. She integrated her learnings from iconography and mythology into her work.

Uslu worked as an illustrator for major projects around the world. One of her last projects before she decided to leave corporate life to fully be engaged in art and design was a children’s fashion collection. Currently, the artist is playing an active role in the NFT world to inspire other women to join the digital revolution.

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