Jerry Saltz Critiques Refik Anadol

Jerry Saltz’s recent X post about Refik Anadol

The clash between critic Jerry Saltz and digital media artist Refik Anadol has re-ignited after Saltz’s recent remarks: “Anadol’s mind-numbing multi-million-dollar spectacle is a house of cards and hall of mirrors. Momentary diverting gimmick art. Take away the music and it’s just a banal screensaver.”

Anadol’s “Unsupervised,” a 24-foot-tall screen-based piece, has found its permanent residence within the hallowed walls of MoMA. What began as a clash of perspectives between the celebrated A.I. artist and New York Magazine’s senior art critic, Jerry Saltz, swiftly transformed into a symphony of dissent that resonated across the Web3 community.

Saltz re-emphasized, for anyone who was still unclear, that he does not like Anadol’s art. “I have said exactly why,” he said. “I love A.I. art. I love all tools & technologies! I am merely criticizing an artist’s work for what does with their material & tools.”

“Your words have no meaning to me,” Anadol replied, appearing to be very worked up. “You never talked to me, never visited my studio, no idea who I am, why and how I create art. But let me tell you; I create my work from my heart!” and added: “The world you are coming from is changed! The new world is bright, the new world is inclusive, the new world has no gates!” he added, concluding: “I’m everyone! You are no one!”

Various anonymous avatars with high follower counts leapt to his defense. The DJ and NFT enthusiast 3LAU wrote: “Good ‘critics’ are last century, funny that it is your pride in your bio. No one remembers a critic when they die; people will remember Refik Anadol.”

Saltz has reasserted his right to criticize Anadol’s work, even without a degree in data science. “My job is to look, keep looking,” he said. “My job is to notice things & then say what I noticed. That’s it. We don’t have to agree. I want all artists to be successful. The good, the bad, and the very bad.”

The clash posed profound questions about the role of critics in a decentralized world, and the ever-changing definition of what constitutes meaningful art in the vibrant tapestry of the Web3 era. The future, as Anadol optimistically declared, seemed bright, promising growth through collective dialogue and understanding.


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