Hindman and Freeman’s Merge

Hindman’s inaugural New York auction, Time & Space. Source: Hindman Auctions

The Chicago-based Hindman and Philadelphia-based Freeman’s have announced their merger.

The combined entity, Freeman’s | Hindman, is set to become the largest mid-tier auction house focused on American art.

The merger responds to heightened competition in the auction sector, emphasizing strategic positioning. It reflects a trend of regional auction houses joining forces for increased competitiveness, exemplified by previous mergers like Leslie Hindman Auctioneers with Cowan’s Auctions in 2019.

The move also enables greater access to international clientele, as stated by Fraser Niven, the president of Freeman’s | Hindman, which aims to continue growth, expand globally, and enhance its position in the upper-middle auction market.

The combined entity boasts six salesrooms and 18 offices across the U.S., surpassing the domestic footprint of larger global auction houses like Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and Phillips. Freeman’s | Hindman plans to consolidate digital platforms into a unified website and open a New York salesroom.

Freeman’s | Hindman is poised to encompass a wide array of significant fine art and luxury collecting categories. The venture will particularly focus on curating single-owner collections, estates, and individual items. The firm will be committed to accommodating a spectrum of price points, ensuring accessibility for collectors with varying preferences and budgets.


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