This curated selection is an intriguing exploration of boundless imagination and wistful nostalgia.

Emma Vakarelova transports her audience on an enthralling voyage that seamlessly blends elements of imagination and reality. Each piece provides a look into the artist’s distinct poetic voice and invites viewers to ponder the beauty of everyday items, treasured memories, and the wonder of the human experience.

Emma Vakarelova is a Bulgarian visual artist and director of animated films, currently living and working in France.

Throughout her artistic journey, Vakarelova has explored captivating surrealist illustrations and paintings.

Emma Vakarelova’s imaginative world came to life in a mesmerizing 2D animated poem, “J'ai tant rêvé de toi” (I have dreamed of you so much), demonstrating her mastery in blending poetry and art.

She honed her artistic skills at La Poudriere, where she directed several short films. In 2007, she illustrated her first book, "The Snowdrop" (Perce Neige).

Vakarelova has held four solo exhibitions in Bulgaria and England, showcasing her paintings and sculptures. Her contributions have been recognized through prestigious awards at international illustration and animation festivals in France, Korea, the United States, Bulgaria, Japan, and other countries.


  • Emma Vakarelova Angel (2021) Ink, pencil and gouache on paper (Unframed)

  • Emma Vakarelova Leaf Fall I (2010) Acrylic on canvas

  • Emma Vakarelova Leaf Fall II (2010) Acrylic on canvas

  • Emma Vakarelova Leaf Fall III Acrylic on canvas

  • Emma Vakarelova Ornament (2019) Ink on paper (Unframed)

  • Emma Vakarelova Swing (2019) Ink on paper (Unframed)

  • Emma Vakarelova The Chair (2017) Gouache on paper (Framed)

  • Emma Vakarelova The Girl and the Star (2018) Oil on canvas (framed)


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