Drama in the Hamptons

The art world experienced an eventful day at the Hamptons Fine Art Fair. Heavy rainfall, measuring between three and five inches, caused extensive flooding at the Southampton Fairgrounds, where the fair was being held. The downpour proved relentless, leading to a torrential deluge that impinged on the fair’s electrical components within the tents. With an estimated $400 million worth of art, jewelry, and watches displayed, the stakes were incredibly high.

Showcasing masterpieces from Matisse, Picasso, and Van Gogh, the art fair welcomed more than 12,000 visitors before the unforeseen weather intervened. Amidst the darkness caused by the power outage, sales continued relentlessly.

Concerned about safety, the administrators made the difficult decision to evacuate the fairgrounds early, leading to the fair’s closure three hours ahead of schedule. Despite the emergency evacuation, the fair’s exhibitors and organizers acted swiftly to protect the priceless art, leaving the artworks hanging on the walls as they deemed the tents a safer shelter than exposing them to the outside weather.

The flooding also led to dealers having to leave their wares overnight in the facility, prompting quick action to secure the premises with armed guards and police. Fortunately, no major damage was reported, with the fair’s walls and ceilings remaining intact, and the next day saw exhibitors returning to retrieve their artworks unharmed.

Featured Image: Flooding at the Hamptons Fine Art Fair. Source: Page Six


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