Dilan Kapar

Patriarchal Entanglements

Through July 31, 2023

Today, when scientific knowledge is at its peak and technology in its golden age, women's deep-rooted struggle for justice and equality persists. On one front, women fight to bring an end to chronic issues of violence and abuse. On the other front, they deal with sexism and economic inequality.

The Transparent Scarf, 2021

0.5 ETH

Armistice, 2022

0.7 ETH

Inner Silence, 2022

0.6 ETH

Like millions of others, Dilan Kapar had to grow up too soon, reject femininity, and stay silent to cope with her male-dominated society. This compulsion had a huge impact on her career choice. Kapar decided to leverage art to develop her own voice and confront the patriarchal order by speaking up.

As she takes solid steps forward in a journey to carve her own place in the art world through digital collage, Kapar stresses that the only thing that matters is eradicating all types of gender biases and being human.

Mirror: The Executioner, 2022

0.75 ETH

Red Period, 2021

0’ 31” 4K Video

0.85 ETH

Ruthless, 2022

Edition 1/5

0.2 ETH

Everything is a collage. Including people. We pick and choose from those values that are not ours and then transpose them to be ourselves. This is human nature.

Dilan Kapar

Fragile Dreams, 2022

Edition 1/10

0.15 ETH

The Talking Heads, 2022

0’ 48” 4K Video

0.85 ETH

Dilan Kapar is a young collage artist based in Istanbul who strives to identify, arrange, and manipulate pre-existing materials to assign them new meanings in surreal contexts. Having started with physical collage, the artist developed her own style through experimentation with postmodern culture while scrutinizing women’s issues. With the rise of NFTs, Kapar migrated to digital yet managed to preserve her “old school” aesthetic with a twist of irony.

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