Condo London 2024: A Resplendent Comeback

Sadie Coles HQ Hosting KAYOKOYUKI Gallery for Condo London 2024. Source: Sadie Coles

After a four-year hiatus, Condo London is finally back, featuring collaborative exhibitions from 50 galleries as far afield as Mexico City, Tokyo, São Paulo, Los Angeles, and Tehran, spread across 23 venues in the city. 

Established in 2016 by Vanessa Carlos, the director of Carlos/Ishikawa, a London-based gallery, Condo is intended to be a large-scale exchange platform that promotes the internationalization of gallery activities. Galleries in host cities share their space with galleries from across the world, a unique chance for collaborative use of resources and innovative exhibition-making. Art lovers are spoilt for choice in this year’s edition.

Maureen Paley Gallery hosting Sweetwater, Berlin for Condo London 2024. Source: Maureen Paley

Maureen Paley’s captivating presentation of Berlin-based gallery Sweetwater, featuring Christopher Aque’s immersive projections and Alexandre Khondji’s site-specific “Dams,” which dissects the gallery space with readymade aluminum floodgates. Over at Sadie Coles HQ, prepare to be mesmerized by various exhibitions from the Kayokoyuki gallery in Japan.

We’ll Be Your Mirror embraces concepts of trade and reciprocity that stem from the partnership between Ehrlich Steinberg and Herald St, adhering to Condo’s central premise of the host/guest duality. The formal elements examined in the show mirror the cyclical structure of the project itself. Artists dive into examining repetition through mirrors, replicas, and doubles.

Public Gallery is showcasing PEANA’s collaboration with Danish painter Victor Bengtsson and performance artist Vica Pacheco. Bengtsson’s exhibition blends Greek and Scandinavian folklore using oil paint and gold leaf, while Pacheco incorporates pre-Columbian-inspired whistling vessels for a distinctive soundscape.

The Sunday Painter hosting The Breeder for Condo London 2024. Source: The Breeder

The Sunday Painter hosts The Breeder’s Ekene Stanley Emecheta and Deborah Segun. Emecheta’s obscured portraiture challenges perceptions of identity, while Segun’s vibrant canvases depict Black women in moments of rest and action.

Union Pacific collaborates with Sans Titre and Misako & Rosen to exhibit works by Martin Aagaard Hansen, Kazuyuki Takezaki, and Tanja Nis-Hansen, exploring human interaction with the environment through layered paintings, examinations of the female form, and sensorial mountain landscapes.

Ginny on Frederick hosts Lomex, showcasing Francesca Dolor and David Flaugher’s exploration of internal mental landscapes through introspective paintings and uncanny depictions of furniture and interior settings.

At the Hollybush Gardens, The Main Entrance, a collaborative exhibition of artists deriving from Germany and Georgia, features different methods on construction and reconstruction reality.


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