Video Art: The History of Creating Art with Sound and Vision

Video art uses audio-visual technology to create artistic expression. Artists have been exploring the different possibilities of the art form by blending it with performance, music, animation, sculpture, and architecture. The article examines the historical evolution of video art as well as its future trajectory in an ever more digital world.

Feminist Art: Feminist Artists Proclaiming a Place Against the Patriarchy

Feminist Art focuses on themes that relate to the lives of females. Feminist artists share stories, highlight female experiences and point at what makes females unique. The article breaks down what Feminist Art is, scrutinizes its origins and evolution, and highlights prominent feminist artists.

Contemporary African Art: From Its Origins to Worldwide Recognition

Contemporary African art has been drawing the attention of the art world for quite some time. A wave of exhibitions worldwide in the 1990s and early 2000s provided visibility to contemporary African artists. The continent’s successful cultural institutions then took advantage of the tailwinds, and elevated the global interest to a whole other level. In this article, we dive into the journey of contemporary African art from the post-independence era to today.

‘Basquiat Crown’ Meaning and Other Basquiat Symbols

Jean-Michel Basquiat rose to fame in the 1980s, and his works have been highly sought after ever since. Basquiat used a myriad of symbols to express political, racial, and social themes. This article explores the meaning behind the famous ‘Basquiat crown’ and other reoccurring Basquiat symbols.

Indian Contemporary Art: Unlocking India’s Treasures

Indian art goes back to 3000 BC. Over time, religion, colonization, and political issues have shaped Indian contemporary art as we know it today. This ultimate guide reviews the historical art journey of India, and examines some of the world renowned Indian artists from the fields of painting, sculpture and installation.

Jeff Koons’ Pink Panther: A Deeper Look

With his famous Pink Panther, Jeff Koons captures kitsch, sexuality, and humor all at once. Arguably the highlight of his Banality series, the porcelain sculpture immediately became a sensation in the art world. What is the story and true meaning of Pink Panther?

Japanese Contemporary Art: An Ultimate Guide

The widespread popularity of Japanese contemporary artists cannot be stopped. Japan’s centuries-long art tradition blended with relatively more recent Western influence has paved the way for Japan’s success in contemporary art globally. This guide reviews the historical art journey of the island country and examines its dominance in specific media such as prints and ceramics.

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