Jerry Saltz Critiques Refik Anadol

The clash between critic Jerry Saltz and digital media artist Refik Anadol has re-ignited after Saltz’s recent remarks: “Anadol’s mind-numbing multi-million-dollar spectacle is a house of cards and hall of mirrors. Momentary diverting gimmick art. Take away the music and it’s just a banal screensaver.” Anadol’s “Unsupervised,” a 24-foot-tall screen-based piece, has found its permanent […]

The Met Welcomes Halilaj, Lee Bul, and Tong Yang-Tze

The Metropolitan Museum of Art unveils its 2024 commissions for the rooftop, facade, and Great Hall, featuring Petrit Halilaj’s poignant Balkan odyssey, Lee Bul’s cybernetic marvels, and the venerable Tong Yang-Tze’s calligraphic symphony. Kosovo-born artist Petrit Halilaj leads the prestigious trio, bringing forth a sculptural narrative that delves into the harrowing experiences of the Balkans’ […]

Judy Chicago’s Retrospective at the New Museum

Judy Chicago: Herstory, the New Museum’s retrospective, offers a comprehensive journey through the artist’s remarkable six-decade career. Best known for her groundbreaking work, “The Dinner Party,” a sprawling tribute to influential women, Chicago dedicated her career to triumphing over sexism and feminizing the landscape. Judy Chicago: Herstory (installation view). All photos by Zarastro Art. The […]

Banksy Exposed? Interview Resurfaces, Adding New Layers to the Mystery

In a surprising twist, a recently uncovered 2003 BBC interview hints at Banksy’s identity, adding a new layer to the enigma of the elusive street artist. Is this Banksy’s true first name or another clever facet of his elaborate persona? Since the emergence of Banksy on the street art scene in the early 2000s, the […]

George Baselitz’s Monumental Linocuts Redefine Desire in London

In a bold exhibition in London, Georg Baselitz reimagines 19th-century erotic lithographs as monumental linocuts. Baselitz, known for his penchant for outrage, turns the images upside down, infusing them with both technical brilliance and conceptual wit. Belle Haleine not only celebrates Baselitz’s 85th birthday but also underscores his ability to triumph over provocative subject matter. […]

Sotheby’s Celebrates Landau’s Remarkable Collection

Sotheby’s sale of the Emily Fisher Landau collection fetched $425 million. In a market where single-owner sales are a rarity, this white-glove auction of 111 works not only exceeded expectations but also underscored stability, contrasting with the recent unpredictability in the broader art market. Over her 102 years of life, Emily Fisher Landau acquired approximately […]

Anish Kapoor’s Exhibition in New York: From Vibrant Oils to the Mystique of Vantablack

Anish Kapoor’s spellbinding exhibition in New York showcases vibrant oil paintings pulsating with life, gouache drawings bridging the realms of biology and architecture, and sculptures crafted from the innovative Vantablack material that defy the very essence of visibility itself. Kapoor stands as one of the most influential sculptors of his generation. His exhibition at Lisson […]

Abramović at the RA

Marina Abramović’s retrospective at the Royal Academy is the first in the organization’s history devoted to a female artist, underscoring her stature as a groundbreaking figure. The exhibition showcases pivotal moments in her career spanning half a century through sculpture, video, installation, and live performance. Abramović has consistently pushed the limits of human endurance throughout […]

LACMA Gala 2023

Co-chaired by Eva Chow and Leonardo DiCaprio, Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s (LACMA) Art + Film Gala united stars such as Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, A$AP Rocky, Billie Eilish, Jessica Chastain, Keanu Reeves, and Pedro Pascal with art luminaries Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch. LACMA raised over $5 million during the event. Held on […]

The Collector’s Beat

Published by Art Basel and UBS, The Survey of Global Collecting 2023 delves into the behaviors and perspectives of high-net-worth collectors amid economic uncertainties. While spending on traditional mediums continues to dominate, evolving trends and socio-economic factors consistently influence collectors’ decisions. Art, often classified as a luxury good, demonstrates a high-income elasticity of demand, indicating […]

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