Banksy’s New Exhibition

Banksy is holding his first solo exhibition in 14 years at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA). On view through August 28, Cut & Run: 25 Years Card Labour aims to unveil the behind-the-scenes process of his art by displaying original sketches alongside the stencils, which have been repainted for a fresh presentation. It also features a detailed model explaining the infamous shredding of Girl with Balloon at Sotheby’s auction in 2018.

This is not Banksy’s first exhibition in Glasgow; he previously held a joint exhibition called “Peace Is Tough” in 2001. Despite being relatively unknown at the time, the event showcased early works, including Monkey Queen, and Banksy created several stencil-based pieces around the city, although none remain today.

Banksy’s new exhibition offers a unique opportunity to experience his artistry up close. By displaying original stencils, sketches, and recreations of iconic works such as Kissing Coppers and Mobile Lovers, the artist sheds light on his creative process.

The current exhibition’s choice of location at GoMA is significant because Banksy considers the statue of the first Duke of Wellington, located outside the gallery, his favorite work of art in the UK. The statue has been adorned with a road cone on its head for over 40 years, despite the council’s attempts to remove it.

Featured Image: Banksy, Love is in the Bin (2018). Courtesy of Sotheby’s


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