Banksy Exposed? Interview Resurfaces, Adding New Layers to the Mystery

Banksy, Girl with Balloon (2002), London. Photo by Dominic Robinson

In a surprising twist, a recently uncovered 2003 BBC interview hints at Banksy’s identity,

adding a new layer to the enigma of the elusive street artist. Is this Banksy’s true first name or another clever facet of his elaborate persona?

Since the emergence of Banksy on the street art scene in the early 2000s, the mystery surrounding the artist’s identity has been as much a part of his allure as his thought-provoking graffiti.

Over the years, speculation has run rampant, connecting Banksy to figures like Jamie Hewlett and Robert Del Naja. Now, a recently unearthed BBC recording from 2003 adds a new twist to the identity puzzle, suggesting that Banksy might indeed be a Robert, but not the one previously suspected.

In this lost interview, former BBC arts correspondent Nigel Wrench delves into the enigma of Banksy’s identity, asking if the artist’s real name is “Robert Banks.” To this, Banksy, or should we say “Robbie,” responds with a revelation that has set the art world abuzz. The unedited audio, featured in the recent bonus episode of the BBC podcast series “The Banksy Story,” showcases a candid Banksy discussing not only his name but also his views on graffiti as a form of expression.

In the interview, Banksy addresses the question of graffiti as vandalism, stating, “If it’s done properly, it is illegal!” Yet, he emphasizes the transient nature of his art, likening it to the fleeting enjoyment of a microwaved meal. The rediscovery of this interview provides a rare glimpse into Banksy’s early mindset and sheds light on the political themes that have marked his work from the beginning.

Despite the revelation, questions linger about the authenticity of this disclosure. Banksy is renowned for his subversive methods and satirical approach, raising the possibility that “Robbie” could be another layer to his intricate web of anonymity.

The resurfaced interview also coincides with an ongoing lawsuit that threatens to unveil Banksy’s full name. This legal battle adds an extra layer of intrigue to the artist’s enigmatic persona, as he faces the challenge of maintaining anonymity in a world that increasingly seeks to unmask him.

As the art world grapples with this newfound information, Banksy continues to defy expectations, leaving us to ponder the true identity behind the iconic street art.


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