Ayfer Karamani

In the Name of Art and Love

Through July 31, 2024

For over six decades, Ayfer Karamani’s artistic journey has been intertwined with the alchemy of clay and fire. By leveraging the perennial dance between humanity and nature, her work has delved into intricate emotions, echoing through timelessness.

Career Highlights

Major Solo & Group Shows

  • The Venice Biennale
  • Galerie Mathieu Blance
  • Galerie du Palais de Justice de Paris
  • Mimar Sinan Academy of Fine Arts
  • Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts
  • Istanbul Archaeological Museum
  • International Ceramics Exhibition
  • Çanakkale Seramik Art Gallery
  • Aksanat


  • Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture
  • İşbank Museum of Painting and Sculpture
  • Akbank
  • Nejat Eczacıbaşı
  • Turkish Center for Tourism in Paris
  • Çanakkale Seramik
  • Aiko Ikarash
  • Sahir Erozan
  • Kandilli Observatory
  • Sakıp Sabancı Holding


  • Silver Medal – International Ceramics Exhibition
  • Ceramics Honorary Award – Turkish Ceramics Federation

In the Name of Art and Love offers a cohesive glimpse into Karamani’s prolific career through 12 ceramic sculptures, including two wall pieces. The artist’s inaugural online exhibition highlights works spanning various decades, demonstrating the versatility of her style.

From the small yet majestic representation of Cybele, an ancient mother goddess, to a tender portrayal of an intimate embrace, Karamani’s distinctive approach is showcased through a profound mastery of color, texture, and form. Whether engaging with representational or abstract forms, the artist seamlessly merges craftsmanship with expressive elements, creating a harmonious and captivating narrative.

1985 - 1990 I (Petite)
8 x 9 x 9.5 cm
(height x width x depth)
1985 – 1990 II (Petite)
5.5 x 8 x 9.5 cm
(height x width x depth)

The most perfect thing I see within everything created is humanity. Thinking about humans, not just as objects but with their minds and emotions, is like navigating through such profound depths. If I have been able to extract something from them and give something in return, how happy I am!

I find that the reciprocal relationship with the viewer in the field of painting is also possible in ceramics or sculpture.

1985 - 1990 III
23 x 18 x 2 cm
(height x width x depth)
Wall Sculpture

Karamani has charted a unique course fueled by her insatiable passion. In a time when ceramics lacked ubiquity and were merely regarded as decorative and charming, she disregarded external influences, relying solely on her instincts. Her production manifested in the form of tempestuous yet elegant sculptures. She has nurtured a deep connection to her medium and dedicated her entire life to visual arts.

There is nothing more enjoyable in the world. All I want is to have my health, so that I won't stay away from my clay. If something will cause us to be separated, let this life end – I don't care. "

In Karamani’s practice, love serves as the guiding light. Sabit Karamani, her life partner, has not only offered guidance on ceramic glaze techniques and the technological aspects of the job but has also been a major source of inspiration. Morphing into a symbolic celebration of her love for Sabit, Karamani’s portrayal of intimacy transcends physical touch.

2000 - 2005 II
33 x 23.5 x 15 cm
(height x width x depth)
1990’s II
12.5 x 10 x 11 cm
(height x width x depth)

I worked on love because I missed it. I started with tiny sculptures. Then they grew larger...

11.5 x 12.5 x 9 cm
(height x width x depth)

Ayfer Karamani does not just mold clay; in essence, she shapes human sentiment. Curating a collection where each piece individually evokes intense feelings and collectively speaks to that human sentiment, In the Name of Art and Love goes beyond the conventional notion of a mere online exhibition. It encourages the viewer not only to observe her work but also to perceive, contemplate, and connect.

1990 – 1995 II
42 x 28.5 x 4 cm
(height x width x depth)
Wall Sculpture

Ayfer Karamani (1933) graduated from the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts in 1957 with a dual degree in Textile and Ceramics. She then embarked on a fruitful career, ultimately leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of ceramic art.

Karamani’s oeuvre blends elements of painting and sculpture, ushering in a distinctive visual language that harmonizes with both local and universal dialectics. Her thematic explorations, which range from social commentary to human intimacy, combined with strong technical skills, have helped her garner recognition both nationally and internationally.

The artist participated in solo and group exhibitions in various countries such as Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Italy, and the United States. Her works are included in prestigious private and institutional collections, solidifying her position as one of the most prominent artists in Turkish art.


  • Ayfer Karamani 2012 Ceramic sculpture

    (h) 29 x (w) 12 x (d) 13 cm

  • Ayfer Karamani 1990’s II Ceramic sculpture

    (h) 12.5 x (w) 10 x (d) 11 cm

  • Ayfer Karamani 1990 Ceramic sculpture

    (h) 11.5 x (w) 12.5 x (d) 9 cm

  • Ayfer Karamani 1990 – 1995 II Ceramic wall sculpture

    (h) 42 x (w) 28.5 x (d) 4 cm

  • Ayfer Karamani 1990 – 1995 I Ceramic sculpture

    (h) 32 x (w) 14.5 x (d) 15 cm

  • Ayfer Karamani 2000 – 2005 II Ceramic sculpture

    (h) 33 x (w) 23.5 x (d) 15 cm

  • Ayfer Karamani 2000 – 2005 I Ceramic sculpture

    (h) 20 x (w) 15 x (d) 13.5 cm

  • Ayfer Karamani Early 2000’s Ceramic sculpture

    (h) 15.5 x (w) 9.5 x (d) 8.5 cm

  • Ayfer Karamani 1985 – 1990 III Ceramic wall sculpture

    (h) 23 x (w) 18 x (d) 2 cm

  • Ayfer Karamani 1985 – 1990 II (Petite) Ceramic sculpture

    (h) 5.5 x (w) 8 x (d) 9.5 cm

  • Ayfer Karamani 1985 – 1990 I (Petite) Ceramic sculpture

    (h) 8 x (w) 9 x (d) 9.5 cm

  • Ayfer Karamani 1990’s (Petite) Ceramic sculpture

    (h) 10 x (w) 6 x (d) 9 cm

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