Art & Science Collide

The Getty and Frieze have united to collaborate on an innovative series of commissions and events as part of a new initiative, PST ART: Art & Science Collide, underscoring the increasing significance of interdisciplinary approaches in the art world.

The initiative will showcase over 818 artists across more than 50 carefully coordinated exhibitions. Themes will encompass a wide range, from climate change to artificial intelligence. 

A noteworthy facet of this partnership is the participation of Frieze Seoul and Frieze London in hosting two captivating commissions. Korean visual research collective ikkibawiKrrr will bring a new video and interactive performance to Frieze Seoul, focusing on the marine ecosystem and environmental sustainability. This project will center on the intriguing community of haenyeo, female divers from Jeju Island who rely on the sea for their livelihood. Their interactive creation serves as a homage to unity with the sea and its inhabitants.

Frieze London will see Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary artist Candice Lin unveil a new work featuring large-scale indigo-dyed kites. Drawing inspiration from Asian kite-making traditions, the piece will be activated by performers in Regent’s Park, delving into themes encompassing castration in human culture, animal husbandry, and companionship.

The initiative gathers a myriad of institutions to delve into an array of themes such as ancient cosmologies, indigenous science fiction, environmental equity, and more. The collaboration reflects the joint commitment to amplifying the rich cultural landscape of Southern California, while concurrently fostering international engagement and appreciation.

Featured Image: IkkibawiKrrr, Diving Is with Companion (2021). Performance with The Jeju Dance Arts Centre, Hado Haenyeo Choir and Hadori Village community, on the Jeju Island, South Korea. Courtesy of the artist. Source: Frieze


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