An Eclectic Mix

The Seattle Art Fair concluded its seventh edition and featured over 70 international dealers from Japan, Argentina, the UK, and the West Coast, among others.

The fair offered art for every budget. British artist Dinos Chapman had offered free tattoos of new works he created on the spot. What is the catch? Recipients had to wait until completion to see the design, leading to an element of surprise, and sometimes, regret.

“The Many Worlds,” the large-scale installation by Jeffrey Gibson, who had been announced as the U.S. representative for the 2024 Venice Biennale, stood out at this year’s fair.

The bustling opening night featured live performances and releases, such as New York’s Harman Projects launching Chuck Sperry’s print editions and older designs, illustrating its success. Sperry, known for his concert posters, had transitioned to creating independent designs influenced by artists like Mucha, elevating concert posters to fine art. Fans had eagerly awaited his unique handcrafted prints with oil-based inks and metallic colors.

The fair had mainly exhibited contemporary art, but Chicago’s Galerie Fledermaus stood out with a rare print of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss priced at $125,000, showcasing a mix of historic and contemporary pieces.

One unexpected gem was Atelier of Isfahan, Iran, which showcased intricate jewel-like miniatures using natural pigments on camel bone.

Another highlight was Marita Dingus’ series of sculptures called “Where the Castoffs Grow Materials.” Dingus is a feminist African American artist known for crafting these figurative sculptures using found materials. She has been a significant artist in Seattle for over three decades, and her work revolves around reusing discarded items, making her a proponent of sustainability and conscious consumption.

Featured Image: Jeffrey Gibson, The Many Worlds installation view at the Seattle Art Fair. Courtesy of ICA San Francisco and Sikkema Jenkins. Photo: Sarah Cascone. Source: Artnet


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