Abramović at the RA

All images in the article: Marina Abramović at the Royal Academy (installation view). Photos by Zarastro Art

Marina Abramović’s retrospective at the Royal Academy is the first in the organization’s history devoted to a female artist, underscoring her stature as a groundbreaking figure. The exhibition showcases pivotal moments in her career spanning half a century through sculpture, video, installation, and live performance.

Abramović has consistently pushed the limits of human endurance throughout her career, gaining international recognition for her audacious approach that tests both mental and physical stamina since her early explorations in the 1970s in Belgrade.

“Rhythm 0,” one of Abramović’s early works, stands out as a prime example of her daring approach. In this performance, she invited the audience to interact with her in any way they desired, leading to a shocking moment where a loaded gun was held to her head.

Sections such as “The Communist Body,” “Body Limits,” “Absence of the Body,” and “Coming and Going” delve into different aspects of her life and work, offering a rich narrative of her artistic journey. Abramović’s retrospective also features sculptures and installations, some of which carry a lasting impact.

The exhibition showcases works directly engaging the audience. Visitors can experience this firsthand through performances of iconic pieces such as “Imponderabilia,” “Nude with Skeleton,” “Luminosity,” and “The House with the Ocean View.” The exhibition’s dynamic character ensures a unique experience with each visit.

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Marina Abramović’ indelible mark on the art world is undeniable, as her ongoing performance and life inquiry remain pivotal. The Marina Abramović Institute (MAI), a beacon for the advancement of performance art research and development, is a tangible embodiment of her enduring legacy, ensuring that her influence will continue to resonate within the realm of contemporary art for generations to come.


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