Dior’s Tribute to Ringgold: Fall/Winter 2024–25 Collection Presentation

Dior’s Autumn/Winter Collection
Dior's Autumn/Winter (2024-2025) haute couture presentation in Paris. Source: Musée Rodin

Creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri honored the late artist Faith Ringgold during Dior’s haute couture presentation in Paris by incorporating her artwork into the haute couture Fall/Winter 2024–25 collection. The scenography paid tribute to Ringgold’s exploration of race, class, gender, and family dynamics.

Ringgold, who passed away recently at the age of 93, once stressed the value of inspiration in life. Her varied collection of work, which includes quilts, sculptures, performances, and novels, demonstrates her legacy of influencing others.

The creative director of Dior Couture, Maria Grazia Chiuri, drew inspiration from Faith Ringgold’s sentiments in Paris. Ringgold’s 1971 political poster, “Freedom Woman Now,” advocating for gender equality with African imagery and the Pan-African flag, adorned the exhibition’s exterior, embodying her identity as a feminist and artistic activist.

The set design featured 32 embroidered panels by Mumbai’s Chanakya ateliers and Chanakya School of Craft, inspired by L.A. Subway Commission Mosaics depicting sports themes aligned with the Olympic collection’s theme. Chiuri’s collection, inspired by ancient Greek attire, harmonized with Ringgold’s expansive cosmos, forming a striking partnership.

Despite her recent passing, Dior and Chanakya collaborated on the exhibition beforehand. Chiuri’s runway designs, featuring metal mesh jerseys, muted colors, translucent tank tops, and sports elements, updated classic styles while honoring the female form and empowering women with traditional and rebellious trends.

Inside the show, Faith Ringgold’s artworks surrounded visitors, including recreations of her Civic Center L.A. Subway project and renowned series like “Windows of the Wedding #1: Woman” and “Woman Free Yourself (Political Posters)”. These works, depicting athletes facing discrimination and challenges, were timely with the upcoming Paris Olympics.

Maria Grazia Chiuri’s designs blend classic elements with contemporary twists. The collection, celebrating the female form, showcases one-shoulder gowns evoking goddess attire, pleated skirts for enhanced mobility, featherweight bustiers as tops, and peplum shapes in metal mesh jerseys. Subdued tones of gold, silver, black, grey, and white weave a narrative of freedom and expression.


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