Art Basel 2024: Must-See Booths

Crèvecoeur's Booth | Art Basel
Crèvecoeur's Booth at Art Basel 2024. Source: Art Basel

From a captivating roster of iconic artists to the debut of young, up-and-coming names, the galleries at the fair offer a diverse array of artists. Each booth underscores the galleries’ unique contributions to the art world, from experimental works to thematic exhibits. Here are our highlights of must-see booths…

Pace Gallery booth, featuring renowned painters like Agnes Martin, Pablo Picasso, and Alexander Calder, captivates the viewers. A highlight is Jean Dubuffet’s “Banc-Salon” (1970/2024), available in multiple versions for €800,000. Their sales of Pam Evelyn’s artwork and Hank Willis Thomas’s piece, which sold for $110,000, illustrate the gallery’s strong brand and the high demand for its curated collection.

Buenos Aires’ Barro Gallery highlights the striking pieces by La Chola Poblete, which explore issues of colonialism and racial supremacy. Institutions show a great deal of interest in the artist’s diverse approach, which incorporates sculpture, installation, and performance. The booth emphasizes the gallery’s function as a platform for critical contemporary voices.

The exhibition by Sies + Höke presents a provocative look at how humans interact with nature, with Julius von Bismarck’s mechanical deer serving as the focal point. In addition to abstract pieces by Peppi Bottrop and Jonathan Meese, the gallery has a dedicated area for Gerhard Richter’s “Reflections” series. The booth presents challenging and intriguing work while provoking discussion regarding psychological and societal themes.

Omyo Cho’s glass sea snails, which are based on a science fiction story, are on display at Wooson Gallery and draw a lot of interest. Each piece costs $20,000 and focuses on memory and extinction. The booth stands out at the exhibition because of its reflecting structure, which enhances visitors’ immersive experience.  

Philippe Parreno’s glass marquee and Anicka Yi’s optical fiber sculpture are among the experimental items on display at Esther Schipper’s exhibition, along with gold leaf works by Ugo Rondinone. The gallery’s alternating solo exhibitions featuring avant-garde and boundary-pushing work by artists like Annette Kelm and Ryan Gander guarantee continuous interest.

The Breeder, Athens showcases the range of its roster with additional works with physiological themes like Maria Hassabi’s gold-soaked photo print “Untitled” (2024). The metal sculptures by Georgia Sagri and Lyn Liu’s “Rejection – wisdom tooth” (2023) add to the booth’s themed, complex exhibit that explores identity and form.

The extensive exhibition by Goodman Gallery honors 40 years of Art Basel, with works like Yinka Shonibare’s “Refugee Astronaut VI” (2024) and El Anatsui’s enormous tapestry. Important pieces by Faith Ringgold and Kapwani Kiwanga are also on display at the booth, which reflects the gallery’s dedication to noteworthy historical and contemporary subjects.

The remarkable collection of Georges Braque’s paintings on display at Bernard Jacobson Gallery highlights the importance of the artist. Masterpieces by Robert Motherwell, Helen Frankenthaler, and Henri Matisse are also on display in the booth, providing a wealth of historical context.

The “Greatest Hits” exhibition by Garth Greenan Gallery, which debuts in the main gallery area, includes performers including Emmi Whitehorse and Jaune Quick-to-See Smith. The gallery’s deliberate choice highlights its commanding presence in the market.

OMR from Mexico City emphasizes the gallery’s role in promoting global discussion by showcasing a mix of established and up-and-coming artists. Exquisite pieces by Alicja Kwade and José Dávila, emphasizing themes of connections in the natural world and found objects, are on display at the booth.


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